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Last week in Cape Town

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Duck you sucker=
Time flies when your having fun.
This is my last week here in the Bo-Kaap. Met a lot of very interesting people and made a lot of new friends.
I’m very curious how my trip back will be, I have the shivers already. It will be hard to leave this all behind, but I’m a big boy and just let it all happen.

The man who drunk the world

Monday, July 19th, 2010

@Caveau reading a book=
As everyone knows I’m not a big reader and that’s an understatement. Sometimes though I have a certain craving to read. I really does not happen often. My friend RC was reading this book by restaurant critic Jay Rayner “The man who ate the world” and was very positive about it. I had to read it.
I read slow, but like my last book from Anthony Bourdain “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly” this one reads like a MF.
In no time I traveled from Las Vegas to Moscow to Dubai and arrived Sunday in Tokyo.
It’s a damn fun book.
Anyway I think I discovered something, If I read I drink, and that keeps me away from distraction. So I read faster and more, the best part is I even remember.

Anyway count down has started overseas, I get a lot of when are you coming back mails. I even got a complaint to stop moaning and come back home “ouwe zeurpiet” I was not even aware that if someone’s happy categorizes as moaning ;-).

The last days was incredible here in CT, the weather is like our spring, only better, whoops here I start again. Sitting on a terrace this weekend reading my book with a nice glass of Bubbles, what else do you need?
Still like that song from the Clash Catrien 🙂
I can not wait to see Siena, a new born creature at the Gorehounds.

New WordPress

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Nice Shiraz=
Not that anyone will notice, Just installed WordPress V3. Looks and works better on the back of this website look will stay the same though.
Just Another month and I’m done here, fingers crossed.
And then? Only time will tell.
Anyway the food is good here, we roasted a pork belly the other day (yes again) and we drunk some of this nice unlabeled Shiraz with it.
The good life, almost getting used to it.

Smuggling Herring into Cape Town

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Vers van het mes in Kaapstad=
It worked, RC went for a little trip to Holland and came in on the day the “Hollandse Nieuwe” came on the market. Everybody knows what it is, but the fresh new once are always a treat. Some like the older versions better but now we are part of Europe it makes no difference any more. All Herring must be brined and then frozen.
Maybe it will work a bit but not as in the old days that the herring gets softer and softer.
For me it’s weird, until a couple of years ago I was not that much of a herring fan but as struck by lightning I all of a sudden loved the little devil.
I never liked the little bones that much and still can put me off if the herring is not cleaned well.
This herring came from Hoorn, Wormsbecher Vishandel they have the biggest herrings in the area.
Enough about Smuggling herring.
This is our last week for our first deadline.
Today is a public holiday but I’m here. where’s the rest of the gang, they probably have to make some overtime this week, when I’m sitting on a terrace drinking wine.

Still alive

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Just another RC creation=
Ja daar ben ik weer.
View people were worried, everything is OK here. Just Working my white ass off.
At night most of the time a nice creation from our friend RC. Lunch is sushi most of the time, or a guy from Condor Cape Town cooks us a nice one.
Working on the Amsterdam restaurant scene at the moment in 4K lots of rendering. 4K DPX files are very hard to work with so we convert them to EXR first. I’m not going to explain what the hell that means. Who is really interested can find it on internet 😉
Anet is safe as well some thought she was on that crashing plane but no she was here for more than a week flying with KLM.
Did I forgot to tell that the wine is incredible here? Yesterday we had a Pinotage from Diemersfontijn koffie, leather, chocolate very rich then we drink a magnum of Haute Medoc very light but very good for a French wine. This was the first time RC en I drunk a non SA wine. very cheap at the Spar so we going to buy all there stock.

So no worries were doing fine, almost weekend and ready for a trip to Stellenbosch and Saturday we eat at Terroir, almost sound like Terror so I’m game.

Slaughterhouse Braai

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Smoked lamb=
Producer Michael organized a very special braai the other night.
Nice food nice wine and good company. Zippy and I where the last ones to leave the premises. This was one of the main dishes, we had Gamba’s and all kinds of other fishes to good to be true. Next day was a bit of a problem again, to many questions that slowly came back during the day.
After a long walk trough town and a repair Westmalle tripple at Den Anker I was doing A OK.
Cape Town is beautiful, Ohh and I forgot to tell that we have an extra day off.
Today Sunday as well, going to the mountain for lunch.
Smoked whole lamb=


Friday, March 12th, 2010

cape salmon with sage butter=
Late shoot yesterday.
I ended up in the office in the morning, in the afternoon we went to set, A train-station turned into police station.
A wet set, 3 volkswagen beetle engines with propellors for wind and 200 liters per minute for rain.
Try to imagine that you have to act in a summer dress, brrrr.
Around that time 21:00 to 22:00 catering usually comes along with toasties (the killer version).
To avoid snack time Richard and I decided that we cook ourselves a proper meal.
On the menu was:
Leftover Swordfish fresh from Muizenberg harbour by Liam Cunningham (I was so hungry no picture).
Cape Salmon in sage butter.
23:30 yummie tummie 24:00 sleep well
cape salmon with sage butter fresh=

Week 2 first whole day off

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

cleaning a snoek=
We had a very nice meet and greet las night with the cast and crew.
I was very careful with the booze 2 beers and 3 bottles of water.
Richard bought a Snoek (not what we call snoek in NL more like a barracuda type) and invited the director Paula and actrice Carice and actor Liam with some extra friends.
We made the snoek with mixed veggies and I had bought a huge trout the other night and made it with Spinach and cherry tomatos.

Not to shitty, Finishing with the famous plums in sugar and butter.
A smile on everybody’s face.
plums sugar butter=
Carice talked us into a murder game, it was really fun. I murdered Richard.
Went to bed at 2:30 I believe and woke up at 6:00.
Just could not sleep anymore.
My free day I need to recover from last week, tomorrow the circus is starting, day 1 of shooting “Black Butterflies” on International Woman’s Day.

One more thing, we drove home from work yesterday. There was a movie shoot in front of our apartment. My window was open and a guy said HEY FIR, what the fock ‘Vuks Ngcingwana” one of the soldiers of Wit Licht. He lives in Port Saint Johns and works here in Cape Town, this world is way too small.

More food

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Caveau food and wine bar=
Ohh where do I start.
Just around the corner of where I stay is caveau.
Nice food little bites of everything, good wine the works.
Had very nice company as well, so what do you or in this case I want more, except more food and more wine.

What do you do if your all alone in Cape Town

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

belthazar wine bar=
My boss needed an evening with the bobo’s, so I went to waterfront.
Waterfront is a sort of Disneyworld for shops and restaurants. The rich and famous are parading there and in the mall’s you can buy everything for way to much money.
There is only one thing I don’t mind to pay some serious dough, that’s food and drink.
First I eat some sushi at Willoughby & Co. Weird new style fried sushi with all kinds of colored wrappers and lots of mayonaise.
Then I went to a winebar where my boss took me the first day I arrived.
Belthazar as you see on the picture a very nice style bar with over 250 open wines and they have 600+ bottles all South African.
Not cheap at all at R69 for my first Beyerskloof reserve 2007 and R66 for my nice glass of kloovenberg Shiraz.
belthazar wine bar kloovenberg shiraz=
Took a cab home had to tell him where I lived and showed him how to drive.
So he was fired 🙂
But hey try to get a cab in Amsterdam for R25, they will not even talk to you.