Fir Suidema VFX Supervisor

Fir Suidema is a former recording and Audio Mastering engineer turned VFX artist .

In 2007 he slowly made the transition to the world of VFX and enjoyed it so much he almost abandoned his other passion – music.

Data handling is very nessecary in all parts of the buisiness and ever since I worked with computers in all my types of work I was responsible for it,

Now with VFX and digital images from movie camera’s handling data fits like a glove.

Fir is a Dutch national based in Cape Town.


OLD News

February 2012 – DIT – Data Wrangler on, ‘Groupama commercial’, for Velocity films, Shot on 2 Arri Alexa’s by DP- David Nissen.

January 2012 – DIT – Data Wrangler on, ‘Renault commercial’, for Velocity films, Shot on 2 Arri Alexa’s by DP-Eugenio Galli.

July-September 2011 – VFX artist, ‘The Heineken Kidnapping’ directed by Maarten Treurniet, Shot on RED 4k by DP-Giulio Biccari with a total of 109 VFX shots. Together with Supervisor Jeremy Hattingh finished 25 VFX shots. In addition, Suidema build and managed IT infrastructure for the Cape-Town leg of post work.

June 2011 – Data Wrangler – DIT on, ‘Target Bin Laden’, for Film Africa, Nutopia a BBC documentary about the assasination on Osama Bin Laden shot on 7 different cameras by DP-Giulio Biccari.

May-June 2011 – Data Wrangler – DIT on ‘The Heineken Kindnapping’, Shot on 2 RED camera’s 4k by DP-Giulio Biccari Suidema did all Data Handling, Backups and transcoding to MXF files for the editor in Holland.

May-August 2010 – Suidema VFX post coordinator with Supervisor Jeremy Hattingh on ‘Black Butterflies’ – The Ingrid Jonker Story, out of Condor Cape Town, South Africa. Some 60 shots were completed at 4K . DP-Giulio Biccari

Feb 2008 – Februari 2009 – Suidema assitant VFX supervision with Jeremy Hattingh on 205 shots (35mm-3K pipe) on Dutch feature ‘The Silent Army'[Wit Licht] (Dir-Jean Van De Velde AllStars, Lek, DP-Theo Van De Sande Blade, Cruel Intentions) . Shot in Port St Johns, South Africa and Uganda, post-production based in Amsterdam, Suidema set up a complete VFX studio in Amsterdam for Broadbean VFX and took care of all Network data Handling and Backups

march 2006 – Composer on ‘Slaughternight’ a Dutch Horrormovie by Frank van Geloven and Edwin Visser Suidema composted the music for the title sequence.

May 2003 – Sound Design on ‘Adrenalin’ a Dutch action movie shot in Cape Town by Roel Reiné. (Deathrace 2 and 3, Scorpion king 3)

Februari 2003 – Sound Design on ‘R.I.P.’ a Dutch short Horror movie by Jan Doense.

July 2000 – aditional music supervision on ‘Faust’ a Spanish/American Horror movie by Brian Yuzna.

Image Toolset

Shake, Nuke, Final Cut Pro, 3D matchmoving, Photoshop, Digital SLR, all RED software and R3D data manager, Al3xa data manager.