The man who drunk the world

@Caveau reading a book=
As everyone knows I’m not a big reader and that’s an understatement. Sometimes though I have a certain craving to read. I really does not happen often. My friend RC was reading this book by restaurant critic Jay Rayner “The man who ate the world” and was very positive about it. I had to read it.
I read slow, but like my last book from Anthony Bourdain “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly” this one reads like a MF.
In no time I traveled from Las Vegas to Moscow to Dubai and arrived Sunday in Tokyo.
It’s a damn fun book.
Anyway I think I discovered something, If I read I drink, and that keeps me away from distraction. So I read faster and more, the best part is I even remember.

Anyway count down has started overseas, I get a lot of when are you coming back mails. I even got a complaint to stop moaning and come back home “ouwe zeurpiet” I was not even aware that if someone’s happy categorizes as moaning ;-).

The last days was incredible here in CT, the weather is like our spring, only better, whoops here I start again. Sitting on a terrace this weekend reading my book with a nice glass of Bubbles, what else do you need?
Still like that song from the Clash Catrien 🙂
I can not wait to see Siena, a new born creature at the Gorehounds.