Smuggling Herring into Cape Town

Vers van het mes in Kaapstad=
It worked, RC went for a little trip to Holland and came in on the day the “Hollandse Nieuwe” came on the market. Everybody knows what it is, but the fresh new once are always a treat. Some like the older versions better but now we are part of Europe it makes no difference any more. All Herring must be brined and then frozen.
Maybe it will work a bit but not as in the old days that the herring gets softer and softer.
For me it’s weird, until a couple of years ago I was not that much of a herring fan but as struck by lightning I all of a sudden loved the little devil.
I never liked the little bones that much and still can put me off if the herring is not cleaned well.
This herring came from Hoorn, Wormsbecher Vishandel they have the biggest herrings in the area.
Enough about Smuggling herring.
This is our last week for our first deadline.
Today is a public holiday but I’m here. where’s the rest of the gang, they probably have to make some overtime this week, when I’m sitting on a terrace drinking wine.