cape salmon with sage butter=
Late shoot yesterday.
I ended up in the office in the morning, in the afternoon we went to set, A train-station turned into police station.
A wet set, 3 volkswagen beetle engines with propellors for wind and 200 liters per minute for rain.
Try to imagine that you have to act in a summer dress, brrrr.
Around that time 21:00 to 22:00 catering usually comes along with toasties (the killer version).
To avoid snack time Richard and I decided that we cook ourselves a proper meal.
On the menu was:
Leftover Swordfish fresh from Muizenberg harbour by Liam Cunningham (I was so hungry no picture).
Cape Salmon in sage butter.
23:30 yummie tummie 24:00 sleep well
cape salmon with sage butter fresh=