Still alive

Just another RC creation=
Ja daar ben ik weer.
View people were worried, everything is OK here. Just Working my white ass off.
At night most of the time a nice creation from our friend RC. Lunch is sushi most of the time, or a guy from Condor Cape Town cooks us a nice one.
Working on the Amsterdam restaurant scene at the moment in 4K lots of rendering. 4K DPX files are very hard to work with so we convert them to EXR first. I’m not going to explain what the hell that means. Who is really interested can find it on internet 😉
Anet is safe as well some thought she was on that crashing plane but no she was here for more than a week flying with KLM.
Did I forgot to tell that the wine is incredible here? Yesterday we had a Pinotage from Diemersfontijn koffie, leather, chocolate very rich then we drink a magnum of Haute Medoc very light but very good for a French wine. This was the first time RC en I drunk a non SA wine. very cheap at the Spar so we going to buy all there stock.

So no worries were doing fine, almost weekend and ready for a trip to Stellenbosch and Saturday we eat at Terroir, almost sound like Terror so I’m game.