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Chopping around

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

filming on the beach=
Last night it was a rainy day on set, warm night but very cold for our lead actress.
Thousands of liters ice cold water where pored over her, poor girl, she had the shivers.
We wrapped at 2 at night, next morning at 10 we left for the helicopter stuff, it suppose to be a nice and sunny day, like everyday here.
Well, not today.
Shit happens.

Flower market on Sunday

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

New Camera 5D markII=
Ok guys,
I’m not writing much anymore, feeling a bit sick, stomach thing again but everybody has it here.
Feel a bit lame, don’t eat much and the scary part (Richard was really worried) I don’t drink to much as well, OK water.
Yesterday Sunday we had a shoot on the flower market, central Cape Town.
No lights were set yet and I had a chance to test out some new gear, a Canon 5D markII.
It shoots great pictures and can do Full HD 1920×1080 video as well.
I tested the video part on a secret project, which I can tell more about soon.
Also I did a magic trick, I was in Cape Town attending to a dinner party in Zaandam.
Yesterday was our first real VFX day as well, Try to come up with a solution to turn a CT restaurant into a Amsterdam restaurant. I can tell you, the weather is much better over here. It was a nice 19 degrees and everybody was cold. I run around in my shorts all the time and lots of colleagues are wearing vests.
Nice to go to my apartment to at night. Everybody is scared if I walk there at night, but I feel safe (famous last words).
So now and then I am dropped if someone leaves us by cab or I take the Wit Licht prop (land cruiser) for a drive up the mountain.
Checking the news here now and then, funny to see that Dutch news is so full of shit, it’s scary.
I’ff seen it on Wit Licht what they dare to tell about famous people who can’t or won’t defend them selfs.
Same now, you fart on internet and it is a story, don’t these guys and girls have anything better to do? Probably not.
Must be a terrible job to be a journalist in Holland. I feel sorry for them.
So enough, BS from me, back to work.

Friday day off

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Took this prop on set with the propper lighting=
The bottles of red wine were deadly this morning.
Had an appointment with John the massage guy, I was still drunk from yesterday, and ohh he enjoyed it to torture me.
Tonight like last night Bistecca Fiorentina .
Tomorrow back to work and Sunday too.

Signal street 5

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

view from my new room=
Tuesday I moved from Rosestreet to Signalstreet.
I have my own place now, small but home.
In the middle of a Muslim area, Wilders eat your hart out.
It’s very close to Rosestreet and feels like Quenca because I have to climb a mountain to come there.
Nice and funny shoots today at the beach lots of wind lots of sun, now I have a tan.
Tomorrow the first potential VFX shoot.

Sunday back to work

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

People staring at the golden arches=
Complicated shoot today in Town Hall.
There was an Art exhibition going on while we were shooting. All of a sudden there where phones ringing and the sound of a Jackhammer killed the whole sound of our set.
People running around and I took a look what the hell was going on.
The phones where an art installation and the jackhammer was a giant hammer in the middle of a small room and if you walked in the motion censor triggered the Jackhammer to go bazurk.
Graham the first AD shouted something like ‘kill that fuckin sound’ so I followed the wires and found a little device and janked the plug’s. same with the phones.
All hell broke loose, the people from the fART installation wanted to know who shut down there art, so I sneaked out and walked to base camp.
They were actually looking for me hahaha I shut down an exhibition and I was proud of it. Later they arranged a way to deal with the sound and it was all fine. a Storm in a glass of water as we say in Holland.

Yesterday I went to a disappointing “Alice in Wonderland 3D” in the Canal walk mall, way to Disney for me but there I’ff seen HELL.
Mc Hell.
See picture.
Looked like more that 100 human beings where staring at that yellow logo, mind control? Very Orwell, 1984.

Saturday Day off nr.2

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Sun down @ Muizenberg=
Three weeks, my god (if you believe in that crap) feels like a week.
Like Mr. Anton Rolino always says ‘Africa bytes you’ if you got the byte it’s hard to get rid off.
Yesterday I was working at the office sorting pictures, making a website bloggie kind of thing for production. I had to ship some of the equipment that came from Zaandam.
Clinton the driver was picking me up and because he hates trafic we did a detour. Very nice trough the mountains, near the coast seeing beautiful landscapes and people.
This is really a beautiful country not too shitty at all.
Already thinking, how about a vacation after the post-production.
So Sunday we work again, filming at town hall with one big problem, 100.000 bicyclers will come trough town, and the whole city is locked of, think creative.


Friday, March 12th, 2010

cape salmon with sage butter=
Late shoot yesterday.
I ended up in the office in the morning, in the afternoon we went to set, A train-station turned into police station.
A wet set, 3 volkswagen beetle engines with propellors for wind and 200 liters per minute for rain.
Try to imagine that you have to act in a summer dress, brrrr.
Around that time 21:00 to 22:00 catering usually comes along with toasties (the killer version).
To avoid snack time Richard and I decided that we cook ourselves a proper meal.
On the menu was:
Leftover Swordfish fresh from Muizenberg harbour by Liam Cunningham (I was so hungry no picture).
Cape Salmon in sage butter.
23:30 yummie tummie 24:00 sleep well
cape salmon with sage butter fresh=

Computer problems, not for me!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Tokai forrest set=
Half a day at the office with the accountant girls is quite something else than the military shouts of Graham Hickson on set.
Fixing computers for other people, NO fun.
I will go back at the end of the day with producer Michael (in the back right), this picture was taken yesterday during a shoot in Tokai Forrest at the Tokai Plantation.
To car or not to car. I found out that cape town is not for public transport, so I need a car.
A few options, buy an old wreck or just rent one or even lease.
I think that last option is better for me with my 2 left car hands.
More car details soon

Day 2

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Fir Steeg Tokai street=
I will not moan about the weather anymore, started at 5 it was 15 degrees and in the afternoon at least 28, nice.
Well driving to location a very beautiful building near the Tokai plantation found a lane with a nice name. I’m even more famous than the cast here. HA!
the other side of the nameplate says FIR LANE 😉

First day of shooting 38deg @ Muizenberg

Monday, March 8th, 2010

38 degrees in muizenberg=
First of all Happy International Woman’s Day to all woman.
Holy crap guys, this ain’t funny. It’s 38 here in Muizenberg near Cape Town.
The wind is so hot that I’m sure if you drive around in your bakkie with 2 chickens out of the window they will be ready in 1,5 hr.
Everybody was a bit nervous see this twitter but it all went A OK.
It’s 19:00 at the moment and some cooler wind is coming, last night I did not sleep much. First it was way to hot then a thunderstorm came up and I was awake for an hour or so, 5 o’clock Allah had to do his thing again and at 5:45 I was out of bed.
Whow is beautiful here in the morning between the mountains driving here with the car. I finally start to enjoy it a bit.
Tomorrow day 2 at Zeldenrust (something from the script)