Flower market on Sunday

New Camera 5D markII=
Ok guys,
I’m not writing much anymore, feeling a bit sick, stomach thing again but everybody has it here.
Feel a bit lame, don’t eat much and the scary part (Richard was really worried) I don’t drink to much as well, OK water.
Yesterday Sunday we had a shoot on the flower market, central Cape Town.
No lights were set yet and I had a chance to test out some new gear, a Canon 5D markII.
It shoots great pictures and can do Full HD 1920×1080 video as well.
I tested the video part on a secret project, which I can tell more about soon.
Also I did a magic trick, I was in Cape Town attending to a dinner party in Zaandam.
Yesterday was our first real VFX day as well, Try to come up with a solution to turn a CT restaurant into a Amsterdam restaurant. I can tell you, the weather is much better over here. It was a nice 19 degrees and everybody was cold. I run around in my shorts all the time and lots of colleagues are wearing vests.
Nice to go to my apartment to at night. Everybody is scared if I walk there at night, but I feel safe (famous last words).
So now and then I am dropped if someone leaves us by cab or I take the Wit Licht prop (land cruiser) for a drive up the mountain.
Checking the news here now and then, funny to see that Dutch news is so full of shit, it’s scary.
I’ff seen it on Wit Licht what they dare to tell about famous people who can’t or won’t defend them selfs.
Same now, you fart on internet and it is a story, don’t these guys and girls have anything better to do? Probably not.
Must be a terrible job to be a journalist in Holland. I feel sorry for them.
So enough, BS from me, back to work.