First day of shooting 38deg @ Muizenberg

38 degrees in muizenberg=
First of all Happy International Woman’s Day to all woman.
Holy crap guys, this ain’t funny. It’s 38 here in Muizenberg near Cape Town.
The wind is so hot that I’m sure if you drive around in your bakkie with 2 chickens out of the window they will be ready in 1,5 hr.
Everybody was a bit nervous see this twitter but it all went A OK.
It’s 19:00 at the moment and some cooler wind is coming, last night I did not sleep much. First it was way to hot then a thunderstorm came up and I was awake for an hour or so, 5 o’clock Allah had to do his thing again and at 5:45 I was out of bed.
Whow is beautiful here in the morning between the mountains driving here with the car. I finally start to enjoy it a bit.
Tomorrow day 2 at Zeldenrust (something from the script)