Sunday back to work

People staring at the golden arches=
Complicated shoot today in Town Hall.
There was an Art exhibition going on while we were shooting. All of a sudden there where phones ringing and the sound of a Jackhammer killed the whole sound of our set.
People running around and I took a look what the hell was going on.
The phones where an art installation and the jackhammer was a giant hammer in the middle of a small room and if you walked in the motion censor triggered the Jackhammer to go bazurk.
Graham the first AD shouted something like ‘kill that fuckin sound’ so I followed the wires and found a little device and janked the plug’s. same with the phones.
All hell broke loose, the people from the fART installation wanted to know who shut down there art, so I sneaked out and walked to base camp.
They were actually looking for me hahaha I shut down an exhibition and I was proud of it. Later they arranged a way to deal with the sound and it was all fine. a Storm in a glass of water as we say in Holland.

Yesterday I went to a disappointing “Alice in Wonderland 3D” in the Canal walk mall, way to Disney for me but there I’ff seen HELL.
Mc Hell.
See picture.
Looked like more that 100 human beings where staring at that yellow logo, mind control? Very Orwell, 1984.