Saturday Day off nr.2

Sun down @ Muizenberg=
Three weeks, my god (if you believe in that crap) feels like a week.
Like Mr. Anton Rolino always says ‘Africa bytes you’ if you got the byte it’s hard to get rid off.
Yesterday I was working at the office sorting pictures, making a website bloggie kind of thing for production. I had to ship some of the equipment that came from Zaandam.
Clinton the driver was picking me up and because he hates trafic we did a detour. Very nice trough the mountains, near the coast seeing beautiful landscapes and people.
This is really a beautiful country not too shitty at all.
Already thinking, how about a vacation after the post-production.
So Sunday we work again, filming at town hall with one big problem, 100.000 bicyclers will come trough town, and the whole city is locked of, think creative.