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New WordPress

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Nice Shiraz=
Not that anyone will notice, Just installed WordPress V3. Looks and works better on the back of this website look will stay the same though.
Just Another month and I’m done here, fingers crossed.
And then? Only time will tell.
Anyway the food is good here, we roasted a pork belly the other day (yes again) and we drunk some of this nice unlabeled Shiraz with it.
The good life, almost getting used to it.

Four Months

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Smuggling Castle Milk Stout out of Mzolis=
Then I woke up 4 months later and it did not even feel that long.
It must be the ease and atmosphere that Cape Town has. I feel very much at home here, not a very nice thing to say for friends and family or to Anet.
For example the photo taken here by Vuyi Qubeka (you don’t believe how that sound like if she pronounces it) is taken at Mzoli’s in a town ship near Cape Town. A bit of a tourist trap on the wrong day but we where there at a soccer game Ghana vs I forgot.
You buy some beers order some meat relax and when the TV goes of the music goes on and everybody starts to Dance.
And I’m not kidding on the word EVERYBODY.
Yesterday was out first day of delivery everybody’s happy, the show goes on, the beat goes on.

Smuggling Herring into Cape Town

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Vers van het mes in Kaapstad=
It worked, RC went for a little trip to Holland and came in on the day the “Hollandse Nieuwe” came on the market. Everybody knows what it is, but the fresh new once are always a treat. Some like the older versions better but now we are part of Europe it makes no difference any more. All Herring must be brined and then frozen.
Maybe it will work a bit but not as in the old days that the herring gets softer and softer.
For me it’s weird, until a couple of years ago I was not that much of a herring fan but as struck by lightning I all of a sudden loved the little devil.
I never liked the little bones that much and still can put me off if the herring is not cleaned well.
This herring came from Hoorn, Wormsbecher Vishandel they have the biggest herrings in the area.
Enough about Smuggling herring.
This is our last week for our first deadline.
Today is a public holiday but I’m here. where’s the rest of the gang, they probably have to make some overtime this week, when I’m sitting on a terrace drinking wine.

First version delivery

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

condor Cape Town=
A bit of pressure on the project.
As planned we have to deliver a first version of all VFX and the cut of the project on the 21st of June.
Yes June that is this month [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”21-06-2010″]
But I’m sure we will have no problem to make it.
Anyway, everyone asks what do you do at night, I’m reading a lot for my standards, not that I enjoy it but I think I have to.
I watch documentaries and spent time with friends.
Not so much going on around here, it’s raining, WINTER, nice like spring in Holland and it’s post production time, doing the same thing for a 1000 times till it’s right, like study piano before the concert.
After the 21st we go in fine tune mode make it better make it nice.

Winter in Heaven

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Making Kibbeling from Yellow Tail=
Post-production is not something to write about.
Not so much is happening except for the additional hardware failure, and human fuckups.
It’s winter at the moment in Cape Town everybody is wearing winter jackets and shawls and even gloves.
I’m going to work on my flip flops and my white T and shorts, IT’S 25 DEGREES GUYS.

But you don’t hear me complaining, I love this kind of weather.
So now and then I try to cook something @ RC’s kitchen, like Yellowtail kibbeling (nuggets) on Anet’s goodbye party the other day.
And then I go and see some movies as I did Sunday. Seen Shutter Island, BORING! Martin Scorsese your getting old find another job, two and a half hours of boredom from a script that I can do in 10 minutes. Not with that same actor who only had one face with every expression.
OK, enough about that.
Did everybody read the news that Dennis Hopper died? He must be in the same place as Frank Zappa (underground)!
Sad news on a beautiful day.
Adios Amigos.