Winter in Heaven

Making Kibbeling from Yellow Tail=
Post-production is not something to write about.
Not so much is happening except for the additional hardware failure, and human fuckups.
It’s winter at the moment in Cape Town everybody is wearing winter jackets and shawls and even gloves.
I’m going to work on my flip flops and my white T and shorts, IT’S 25 DEGREES GUYS.

But you don’t hear me complaining, I love this kind of weather.
So now and then I try to cook something @ RC’s kitchen, like Yellowtail kibbeling (nuggets) on Anet’s goodbye party the other day.
And then I go and see some movies as I did Sunday. Seen Shutter Island, BORING! Martin Scorsese your getting old find another job, two and a half hours of boredom from a script that I can do in 10 minutes. Not with that same actor who only had one face with every expression.
OK, enough about that.
Did everybody read the news that Dennis Hopper died? He must be in the same place as Frank Zappa (underground)!
Sad news on a beautiful day.
Adios Amigos.