It’s a Wrap!

Late night wrap=
I’m here for almost two months.
One week pre-production and six weeks of production, now twelve weeks of post-production.
Last night at 3 I think (memory is not working properly at the moment) we wrapped, for mortals that means we stopped shooting the movie.
All the bits and bytes are in the can, well almost. We need some more for post like a Lighthouse, some Amsterdam stuff (Beeldverhaal eat your hard out) and much more.
I’m working from Condor VFX at the moment.
Tonight the Wrap party, so I can say goodbye to all my palls, most of them already started working on other projects.
Anyway, latest news is that I got wheels, I rented myself a very old and grumpy Beetle. It’s the most rusty car I have ever seen, in Holland it would never ever go on the streets again but it works. It brings me from A to B and I’m independent, I go where ever I want.
More pictures later!