Last week of shooting

Hey Table Mountain from the other side=
Time flies when having fun.
I thought I go to Table Mountain on my day off, Richard Said ‘let’s go to Table Mountain View and have some lunch’ I did not know it’s a beach, son of a beach.
It was quite nice I must say, I know that’s hard to believe from a guy that hates sand and beaches. During Wit Licht I started to get used to sand, because there was a lot of it.
And NO Catrien Horses are food and not for having fun with, I will never get used to those aliens.
But anyway, Nice and warm again here, getting my Capetonian tan. yesterday was beach day, young Ingrid on the beach watching fisherman to catch some oldschool fishing style fish. Boat goes into the ocean with a rope and nets attached, makes a move like Half a circle and another rope is given to man on the other side of the half circle.
Then they pull the ropes in and the net. The fish in the net ended up in my hands and we have fish soup again tonight. In the evening we shot some VFX on the backlot of MXFX “Max Effects” nice waves and rain.
L8ter more!