Sunset at Llandudno

Beautiful Llandudno beach=
So a few days later, I was working at the office checking emails and went trough the VFX list to see what to add and what to remove from the list.
Took all day, Made backups from my 40 GB collection of photos and video clips.
Day later I had a meeting with the editor and his assistant Petr. Now we visually looked if there were things missing. And of course we missed a few things.
Coming back to set everyone asked “waar was jij” as if I took a day off.
Working on set is hard, long hours so even a day looks longer than normal.
Actor Liam Cunningham was ‘Schnapss klapt’ I was once too, still do not get it how it works but he had to buy a case of beer and a bottle of jaegermeister. We drunk some of it during sunset with a very hard wind and high waves we see the dolphins in the breaks and the seals playing around. What a life.
My best friend Gorehound had his 51st birthday yesterday ohh he’s getting an old fart now, can not wait to give him and elderly people bus pass.
Tonight we have a night shoot till 3 in the morning starting at 14:00 today will be beautiful.