Ok, I know where the F#!$ was I

yep that's me=
Long time no see, were shooting at the Beach at the moment “Llandudno beach” beautiful nature reserve not like the picture above but those will follow. Yesterday I was on a rubber duck as they call it here a giant rubber boat that can handle the ocean.
A camera strapped on to a crane and with blazing speed we traveled from Houtbay to Llandudno by sea.
Not to describe with words, awesome. We shot some VFX stuff for the film, and a water scene with doubles the water was 11 deg. so even in there wet-suites they froze in minutes.
On our way back we have seen a Sunfish, a big half moon shaped thing with two wings. And as we speed-ed back for lunch we shot some wave plates, while doing that a big humpback whale came up just 10 metes away from us perfect timing. I even got it on the 5D.
So now my tan is almost as bad as our driver Clinton, he is worried if I go back in a couple of months that they won’t let me in as a Dutchy.
Maybe I have to go for that SA citizenship?
This is millers point=
Ahh found one on my little cam.
shooting on the boat in Llundudno=