Month: June 2008

  • Okay Amsterdam Mr. Hattingh arrived

    A warning to all taxi’s, please be careful when you drive through Amsterdam. There is this possibility that you run into Jeremy hattingh, he came all the way from South Africa and is not used to drive a bike, all-tough he has a Dutch passport. When you see him driving like a madman, he is […]

  • We are Sinking

    What are you syncing about. Well, Christoph is syncing hiss German butt off and Peter is trying to edit but the Mac is crashing so many times that it is starting to slow him down. Even a octocore with 16GB internal memory can’t keep it stable. Is it FCP, AJA or just the 8 terabyte […]

  • Post-production mania

    Okay two weeks later and here I am again. I came home on Monday the 2nd and spend time with Mr. Richard Claus on the 4th to make a list of possible post-production facilities in the Netherlands. After a rough start we finally managed to find an office for ourself. A nice office somewhere in […]

  • Sad to be back

    As Jade wrote in her facebook “Who put out the White Light”? Zaandam is my home town all my life, now I feel Alien. 4 Months White Light does strange things with a human being. I have changed a hell of a lot, I think. I worked on a lot of different things in my […]