Sad to be back

As Jade wrote in her facebook “Who put out the White Light”?
Zaandam is my home town all my life, now I feel Alien.
4 Months White Light does strange things with a human being.
I have changed a hell of a lot, I think. I worked on a lot of different things in my life, but this was something I will never forget.
It is very hard to say what changed of how, I think you had to be there to understand, like Catrien she is still home sick.
Back for two weeks, at home, but home sick, weird hey.
Came back on Monday morning my dearest Anet was waiting for me at Schiphol airport, she lost some weight, i thought I did she thought too, but scales don’t lie. I’m the same weight but lost some of the good old handles, they must have gone somewhere?
Anyway I have to stop moaning, I’m here have to go back to work I have to try to forget beautiful and ugly PSJ.
Thanks for reading you all.
Now we go one with Post production in Amsterdam.

dreaming of the kitchen