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  • Last day at the Airport

    It’s Friday today, Yesterday was out last day at the airport. Beautiful weather, clear sky. From today there will be a night-shoot again, which means from 17:30 till 5 in the morning. Meanwhile, I got a lot of emails from friends who where wondering about the robbery. Again do not worry the sun shines and…

  • NEWS in Holland

    Sorry for the mess guys, Dutch news is talking about a robbery of some kind on white light. For all family and friends. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Holland is small, and it is “komkommertijd” so they have to make their own news.! So everything is fine here in SA!

  • Sunday again

    Hi everybody, Yep it is Sunday again, it’s a bit slow here, 1st Unit is a bit more exiting than 2nd Unit but film making is waiting and I hate waiting with a passion. Anyway I survive the last week was DC3 week, lot of stuff happened, from explosions to take offs and stunts with…

  • Long time no hear

    Sorry guys, My camera failed has to go to mr. repair,hard work no photo’s. Just one from Jan from the Lab.I try to get inspired to write something tomorrow.

  • 1st Unit plane shoot

    So we worked Friday and Saturday on the DC3 shoot. Incredible sky perfect weather. It was my first day on first unit as an VFX assistant, well it was tough for me. All the old geezers know all the slang and have enough on a single gesture. I have to ask 5 times what the…

  • DC3 action

    Some nice action this morning. A DC3 landed on the very small airstrip in PSJ, 2nd Unit was ready for this. Suddenly we where hearing a noise, the plain was 40 minutes early. It did a, fly over. It came to us the second time and landed, we saw that he shifted suddenly it looked…

  • Hardware is good

    Did some shopping for post production. A 8 core 2.8 4Tb HD sweet monster system with 2×23″ screens, in the mean while I use it to practice Shake and FCP. Weather is still bad here so I hugg the 2 screens and see a nice movie. 🙂 ps sorry for the bad pic

  • Rain Rain Rain lots of Rain

    It is Sunday now, yesterday we had a great evening. Thea cooked Oxtail for us and asked me to invite some people because she had enough food. I invited Esna van Zyl from accounts and she asked if she could invite the 2 Kates, Kate Higgs & Kate Tee. Esna was in the kitchen before…

  • Voodoo is dead

    Sorry to see this morning, VooDoo died last night that he may rest in peace. when I was here he want to drive the car. Always farting at Richards feet. Then you wake up in the middle of the night “I was not snoring it was voodoo”

  • Night shoot

    The next two days there will be a night shoot. For us (2nd unit) we have to be at a 1st unit shoot, there is a stunt involved, so they need all the hands they can get. Multiple cameras etc. It is going to be a long night and it it pretty cold here at…