Post depression and happy to meat you

3 weeks dry aged beef=
All A ok hear in CT, can’t wait to see my lady over here and show her some of my life.
Getting a bit to hooked to all of this. We found a nice new restaurant here called ‘Carne’ another reason to stay.
This week where getting serious in posting “Black Butterflies” we have to deliver shots on the double. I tryed some shit out and found out that two year no Shake don’t help at all.
Bit rusty here and there, memory loss, the whole shabang.
But I’m in good hands, VFX files rules major in this town, it’s going to be a fun but though ride. This weekend some nice party things were going on. the Zipster and I went to ZULU, where a Erika Baduh replica song here heart out of her longs, it was great.
Good mix of people not to loud sound, fuck Amsterdam.
Than the enterance 4 euro for a fun evening and 1,50 for a beer or tequila, home sounds far away and not even tempty.
So no freaking vulcano’s that try to concuer the world here , Al Gore fuck you, it’s not the planet, it’s the people who are fucked, difference (thank Mr. Carling)