Okay it’s over and done.

The movie is finished the première is on the 8th of December.
Looking back, a year ago Richard asked me to read this script and let him know what I thought of it.
As you all know I’m not such a reader, but with my new glasses thing go much better, I was completely gob smacked and was wondering how the hell can you film a story like this.
It was pretty violent in my point of view, how can you film all of this?
I’ve seen the film about 30 times now in different stages and It’s great. Jean made a movie that is Un-Dutch in size, colour, pace and feel.
Off course I have my little things but that is what you get if you go over it with a loop for 30 times.
Good job everybody who worked on this movie, I’m proud.

So for all of you who have and going to see the film let me know what you think of it on this blog.
More pictures at the première till then
to serious