Good news,
Catrien discovered a good alternative for champagne at the “Wettham Hill” Last Sunday we had 2 bottles with oude reypenaer.
The view is beautiful, see below. If everything goes according to plan we will WRAP at the 28th so I can leave this place at the 30th and will be home in June.
Funny how things change in the mind.
Two weeks ago I had a kind of home sick feeling, but now the end is near it switched! I’m so used to this place now that it feels a bit like home, but it will be all differed when everybody is gone I suppose.
We went from night shoot in the Jungle to day shoot, a place you can only reach by car if you have a 4X4. The road is very bad and takes 30 minutes to set. It is so remote that we use 2 Satellite dishes for internet en telephones, and when I am around those things everybody is clamping on to me, ‘please can you help me with….’
It’s fun and keeps me sharp for when I come back, I never see so many Mac’s on set, the few with a MS system you can count on 1 hand.
I’m still not used to the waiting part on set, it is so incredible boring I can not explain that in words. But on the other hand I had some other work to do. Christoph the assistant to Peter the editor (that made me the assistant to the assistant 🙂 was a bit behind with syncing sound to the footage that was scanned.
There is so much stuff coming in that he asked me if I could help, No problem of course, made a couple of mistakes but overall a good feeling he is uptodate right now.
Well back to work.
we love champagne