To kill 40 Crayfish

Picture this, waking up sunday morning, had some breakfast, what to do?
Claus monster, Peter Adam the editor and myself went to 2nd beach to hunt for crayfish (langustines).
Lucky for us you can buy big ones for 10 rand (illegal to transport). But a bit much for 10 people to eat, we made a bisque and it was very nice and a lot of work.
And for every body who is thinking, hey… this guy is only talking about food and not about…. yeah about what.
I confess it is a bit boring, but I can not talk to much about production details. For the rest we shoot a lot of stuff with 2nd Unit plane on the airstrip, birds, spider-webs, the usual stuff. Off for now, tomorrow we are going on a boat before sunrise!.
40 killed crayfish