Every day good food

It is not a secret at all, Thea our host and George her son who actually lives in Boston USA are taking very good care of us.
Yesterday there was a nice Wilbert goodbye party at  Agate terrace (the beach where we caught the crayfish).
A big bonfire, drinks, food, nice people and Thea who is just throwing big peaces of meat (rumb) on the red hot coals.
Can you imagine when you wake up the next morning and everything starts all over again. We had a BIG breakfast with grilled sausage and braaipap and cooked banana with mint.
Cast and crew from other lodges where invited too, it was an incredible Sunday morning.Now it’s time to relax I’m going to watch some movies and listen to music.
I’m getting much better now, everybody at home no worry’s I will hang in there. 
A pity that I have to miss my lovely Nessie for 2 months, but there is one good thing. When I get home and feel better I can start smoking the best Cuban cigars she is bringing back from Cuba for me.
That is a nice little Sunday thought.

Thea & George