Where I stay

As I said in the first post I thought I stayed in the outspan Inn. That is actualy not the case, I stay in Wild coast Transkei Kitchen that is in the middle of the Jungle 10 minutes from Port St. Johns.
A very nice admosphere, relaxed and very beautifull. Every night when we come back from the office we gather around a big table in the kitchen and talk about movies and things that happen in life.
I think I can manage to stay here for a while. We did some rekkies (thats what it sounds like) and that is a location visit.
I saw some very nice spiders and gekko’s on those trips.
They keep telling me that in PSJ (port st. johns) that there are monkeys, I have not seen them yet but Catrien en Michel have seen them.It is now Saturday just another day at the office, tomorrow I am free and gonna watch a couple of movies I think.
Well, it’s 6:30 here time for some food, see photo.
trankei kitchen