Month: August 2008

  • Wit Licht the site

    New official info about the film plus some of the first pictures on: check out Wit Licht from Jean van de Velde with Marco Borsato

  • the Assistant’s Assistant’s Assistant

    Child labour is not an issue at all anymore We at Broad Bean VFX are proud that the 12 year old Max Sputnik Winokan volunteered to help us out. He is Learning Apple Shake very quick and will paint his fist shots very soon. Currently we are busy working on the teaser that will be on…

  • Still alive

    Sorry guys, I’m a bad blogger I know. Lots of things happened in those couple of weeks . We moved upstairs, to the first floor. We now have 25 terabyte of useless hard drives but we are A OKAY. A new colleague arrived Floris van der Veen (see picture) he will make our lives easy…