The Killer Tosti from outer space


Digital Super-8 re-mastering

In 1991 Vincent Palmboom and myself had an idea for a movie.

The killer tosti from outer space, part 1. Part 1 not because we where planning a part 2, just because every movie that came out had a part 2 and 3 and so on.

We have worked on it in our free time for 3 years shot it all on Super 8 and also edited it in Super 8. Our friend Dirk Boon from ‘t Lab privately funded this movie.

We fucked up the light a lot as you see in the picture almost all the scenes outside where blue. Thanks to modern technology I could fix this.

The sound is also enhanced, in those days I recorded the soundtrack on a DAT tape straight from a mixer with samplers and a Yamaha synthesizer connected to a Amiga 500.

All the dark scenes with Willem Waerts (spelled his name wrong on the titles) were so dark that I can’t do anything about it anymore.

Those titles were also made on the Amiga 500 and shot on Super 8 as well.

One more thing.

We have proof that we did not harm the baby, on the titles called Warre Dirk Simons, son of Johan Simons and Elsie de Brauw, now a famous Dutch actor Werewolf Willem.

Click on here and enjoy.

You will need apple’s QuickTime for this, here is where you can download that for free.

And for everybody who wants to burn a DVD of the project here is a link, it is an .iso file that you can burn on any Mac or PC.