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Post depression and happy to meat you

Monday, April 26th, 2010

3 weeks dry aged beef=
All A ok hear in CT, can’t wait to see my lady over here and show her some of my life.
Getting a bit to hooked to all of this. We found a nice new restaurant here called ‘Carne’ another reason to stay.
This week where getting serious in posting “Black Butterflies” we have to deliver shots on the double. I tryed some shit out and found out that two year no Shake don’t help at all.
Bit rusty here and there, memory loss, the whole shabang.
But I’m in good hands, VFX files rules major in this town, it’s going to be a fun but though ride. This weekend some nice party things were going on. the Zipster and I went to ZULU, where a Erika Baduh replica song here heart out of her longs, it was great.
Good mix of people not to loud sound, fuck Amsterdam.
Than the enterance 4 euro for a fun evening and 1,50 for a beer or tequila, home sounds far away and not even tempty.
So no freaking vulcano’s that try to concuer the world here , Al Gore fuck you, it’s not the planet, it’s the people who are fucked, difference (thank Mr. Carling)

It’s a Wrap!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Late night wrap=
I’m here for almost two months.
One week pre-production and six weeks of production, now twelve weeks of post-production.
Last night at 3 I think (memory is not working properly at the moment) we wrapped, for mortals that means we stopped shooting the movie.
All the bits and bytes are in the can, well almost. We need some more for post like a Lighthouse, some Amsterdam stuff (Beeldverhaal eat your hard out) and much more.
I’m working from Condor VFX at the moment.
Tonight the Wrap party, so I can say goodbye to all my palls, most of them already started working on other projects.
Anyway, latest news is that I got wheels, I rented myself a very old and grumpy Beetle. It’s the most rusty car I have ever seen, in Holland it would never ever go on the streets again but it works. It brings me from A to B and I’m independent, I go where ever I want.
More pictures later!

Last week of shooting

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Hey Table Mountain from the other side=
Time flies when having fun.
I thought I go to Table Mountain on my day off, Richard Said ‘let’s go to Table Mountain View and have some lunch’ I did not know it’s a beach, son of a beach.
It was quite nice I must say, I know that’s hard to believe from a guy that hates sand and beaches. During Wit Licht I started to get used to sand, because there was a lot of it.
And NO Catrien Horses are food and not for having fun with, I will never get used to those aliens.
But anyway, Nice and warm again here, getting my Capetonian tan. yesterday was beach day, young Ingrid on the beach watching fisherman to catch some oldschool fishing style fish. Boat goes into the ocean with a rope and nets attached, makes a move like Half a circle and another rope is given to man on the other side of the half circle.
Then they pull the ropes in and the net. The fish in the net ended up in my hands and we have fish soup again tonight. In the evening we shot some VFX on the backlot of MXFX “Max Effects” nice waves and rain.
L8ter more!

Slaughterhouse Braai

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Smoked lamb=
Producer Michael organized a very special braai the other night.
Nice food nice wine and good company. Zippy and I where the last ones to leave the premises. This was one of the main dishes, we had Gamba’s and all kinds of other fishes to good to be true. Next day was a bit of a problem again, to many questions that slowly came back during the day.
After a long walk trough town and a repair Westmalle tripple at Den Anker I was doing A OK.
Cape Town is beautiful, Ohh and I forgot to tell that we have an extra day off.
Today Sunday as well, going to the mountain for lunch.
Smoked whole lamb=

The end of Llandudno and two days off

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Surfer Llandudno beach=
Last night at Llandudno beach, I’m going to miss the place.
We had beautiful sun sets, I made a million pictures of it.
More VFX stuff is coming up to, we have to do a train station without moving the trains. Gonna be hectic. Yesterday I ate nice Namibian oysters, the only thing was the problem with the oyster knife, it was one of these big ones to wide, the oysters where hard to open and to small for the knife.
But they were delicious.

Sunset at Llandudno

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Beautiful Llandudno beach=
So a few days later, I was working at the office checking emails and went trough the VFX list to see what to add and what to remove from the list.
Took all day, Made backups from my 40 GB collection of photos and video clips.
Day later I had a meeting with the editor and his assistant Petr. Now we visually looked if there were things missing. And of course we missed a few things.
Coming back to set everyone asked “waar was jij” as if I took a day off.
Working on set is hard, long hours so even a day looks longer than normal.
Actor Liam Cunningham was ‘Schnapss klapt’ I was once too, still do not get it how it works but he had to buy a case of beer and a bottle of jaegermeister. We drunk some of it during sunset with a very hard wind and high waves we see the dolphins in the breaks and the seals playing around. What a life.
My best friend Gorehound had his 51st birthday yesterday ohh he’s getting an old fart now, can not wait to give him and elderly people bus pass.
Tonight we have a night shoot till 3 in the morning starting at 14:00 today will be beautiful.

Ok, I know where the F#!$ was I

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

yep that's me=
Long time no see, were shooting at the Beach at the moment “Llandudno beach” beautiful nature reserve not like the picture above but those will follow. Yesterday I was on a rubber duck as they call it here a giant rubber boat that can handle the ocean.
A camera strapped on to a crane and with blazing speed we traveled from Houtbay to Llandudno by sea.
Not to describe with words, awesome. We shot some VFX stuff for the film, and a water scene with doubles the water was 11 deg. so even in there wet-suites they froze in minutes.
On our way back we have seen a Sunfish, a big half moon shaped thing with two wings. And as we speed-ed back for lunch we shot some wave plates, while doing that a big humpback whale came up just 10 metes away from us perfect timing. I even got it on the 5D.
So now my tan is almost as bad as our driver Clinton, he is worried if I go back in a couple of months that they won’t let me in as a Dutchy.
Maybe I have to go for that SA citizenship?
This is millers point=
Ahh found one on my little cam.
shooting on the boat in Llundudno=